All you need to know about me is I have a passion that im ready to act on....I'm so ready. But just like everyone else i have financial issues, and education that needs to be had, and a bunch of other stuff that really shouldn't matter but because of the world we live in all does matter in some way. I trust in God's provision and His plans for me more than anything. I take joy in the little things that pop up in my busy life.


Well done,sir.Well done


Well done,sir.Well done

The star spangled banner ……

Did anyone else think it said “the dawnderly light” instead of “the dawns early light” ……cuz I did till the other day, and Emma did too. You know…cuz “dawnderly” is totally a word.

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Travis has a best guy friend….

Would it be weird for me to put out a want ad for a best girl friend?

Everyone that has a lot in common with me is like 30 years old. I can’t ask a 30 year old woman if she wants to go to lunch or watch all three extended versions of LOTR with me. 

I know I have a husband and a baby, but I feel really isolated sometimes.

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I tried.


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